Lubrispin FC Range Fluid Centrifuges

Designed to provide a continuous and consistently low minimum level of suspended solids thus extending the working life of the fluid while providing a low maintenance and environmentally effective method of separating and handling the separated solids / sludge.

Mixing and Distribution

Mixing of metalworking coolants doesn’t need to be a messy, time consuming operation. We have a range of solutions from simple venturi mixers for 20L pails and barrels to digital controlled automatic pumped mixing systems capable of pumping to 30M head and 400M pipe distances.

Ariana Units coolant management units

German manufactured ARIANA products offer an extensive range of accessories for the metalworking industry. With our internationally proven coolant maintenance stations, you save up to 50% on disposal costs for waste oil emulsions.

Tramp Oil separators – COOL CLEAN

Watch the tramp oil disappear – no need to stop the machine, just let Cool-clean do its job. Coolants and wash solutions inevitably become contaminated with tramp oil and particulate material during the production process. This contamination provides an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, which quickly degrade the coolant.