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Centralised Mist Filtration

Coolant mist, oil mist, and oil smoke from machining are hazardous and can be potentially carcinogenic and also cause the development of asthma or lung diseases. Multi-stage filtration is required to remove progressively finer mists and swarf; with heavy duty final filtration for oil mist and smoke applications.

Final stage HEPA filtration ensures almost 100% removal of contaminants. It is your duty to ensure a safe working environment for your employees. When machining parts, coolant forms a mist within the machine tool which should be captured and filtered before the machine door is opened to prevent operator exposure. For coolant mist extraction and filtration We offer a range of mist filter units with capacities ranging from 500 to 4000m3/hr, allowing us to capture mist from even the largest machine tools.

For smaller oil mist extraction filter installations we have the AOF filters – ideal for sliding head machines like Star, Citizen, Tornos etc

Multi-stage filtration: The entry baffle deflects large particles to protect filters. The mesh filter removes the majority of coolant mist and aerosol particles from the airflow. A prefilter removes fine mist. HEPA filtration removes remaining particles.

Coolant return: Filtered coolant is returned to a drip tray (provided with the machine) or can be returned to your machine tool.

Instrumentation: Accurate pressure gauges show the condition of each filter. Indicator lights show machine operation and error for enhanced reliability.


Use our LUBRIMIST CD unit LUBRIMIST CD is a self-contained blowdown station designed for the removal of coolant, swarf, dirt and other contaminants from components. Pressing the foot pedal operates the suction system and also allows the compressed air gun to work. Droplets can be manually blown from parts and into the integral bin; fugitive mist and droplets are prevented from escaping by the polycarbonate screen. Just connect to single air supply and it’s ready for use!