Ariana Units coolant management units

German manufactured ARIANA products offer an extensive range of accessories for the metalworking industry. With our internationally proven coolant maintenance stations, you save up to 50% on disposal costs for waste oil emulsions.



  • Coolant recycling systems
  • Coolant mixing units
  • Refractometers and test kits
  • Oil and coolant accessories
  • Cool line nozzles


Leak oils promote bacterial growth, form deposits on machine tools and work pieces, cause oil mist and reduce cooling capacity as well as the oxygen absorption of the emulsion. The consequences: higher costs for waste disposal, corrosion, bacterial contamination, unpleasant odours, poor cooling effect, skin problems, etc. ARIANA Hose or band Skimmers provide an ingenious solution for removing the oil that collects on the surface of the emulsion. The leak oil is removed from the surface and sloughed off in the unit by means of special self-cleaning, oil-conveying hoses. There is no need for filters or microporous membranes. This results in lower operating and follow-up costs.

The hose skimmer has an oil separating unit and ensures that up to 90% of tramp oil is removed


Coolants and wash solutions inevitably become contaminated with tramp oil and particulate material during the production process. This contamination provides an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, which quickly degrade the cooling lubricant. The Maintenance Station R-3000 or R2000 are not just tramp oil skimmer units, they make it possible to optimally clean and maintain emulsions or solutions during the production process. This greatly increases the fluid service life, machine performance and minimizes disposal costs. The mobile units filter out particles and remove up to 97% of tramp oil from the emulsion, work automatically without an operator using the bypass principle and have a high throughput capacity for short application times. Stainless steel/powder coated, electric motor, eccentric worm pump, all hose connections single hand fast action, standard 100m filter with option for 50m or 25m, delivered with accessories, assembled and ready for use

Ideal for CNC machining centres, lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, parts washers, quenching tanks

  • Up to 50% saving on disposal costs
  • Increases service life of coolants and tools
  • Prevents unpleasant odours and risk of infection
  • Works in bypass – whilst your machine is operating
  • Removes tramp oil and particles simultaneously


A mixing unit is essential for mixing emulsions and grin- ding solutions. By means of a needle valve, the ARIANA Mono Mixing unit allows for fast and precise adjustment of the emulsion concentration of liquid coolants and lu- bricants. In this way, it is possible to mix liquids using optimum concentrations.

The Duo Mixing unit has one water inlet and two concentrate inlets. Once the optimum mixing ratio has been determined, the user can always rely on this ratio being the case. Of course, it is possible to change the mixing ratio at any time. For safety reasons, a return valve is installed on the water inlet side to prevent any suctioning into the potable water system. unlike the Mono Mixing unit, the Duo Mixing unit has two concentrate inlets. This makes it possible to mix two different concentrates without having to reposition the mixing unit. Piston mixers 600, 2000, and 10000 Litres/hour options It is possible to set the required emulsion concentration of the liquid coolant and lubricant by means of the dosing screw. These liquids can thus be mixed using optimum concentrations. Once the optimum mixing ratio has been determined, the user can always rely on this ratio being the case. Of course, it is possible to change the mixing ratio at any time. The Piston Mixer has one water inlet, one concentrate inlet and an outlet hose for the mixed emulsion or grinding solution. This hose can be extended indefinitely without resulting in a vacuum in the system. Pneumatic dispensing pump for oils Boost pump with high flow rate for simple and fast filling flexibility thanks to mobile trolley. The following accessories are included with the Pneumatic Oil Boost Pump:

  • Trolley for 180 kg drums
  • Flow volumeter
  • High-pressure gun
  • 3.5 m high-pressure hose

Suitable for oils ranging from VG 10 to VG 460 at 40°C Required operating pressure: approx. 6 bar The ARIANA-Cold Air Nozzle is used for cooling locations of metal and plastic parts on machine tools and features a double function: it generates both hot and also cold air. The cold air is primarily used at locations where no lubricants and cooling liquids are wanted. The Ariana cold air nozzle is also widely used in laboratories. The ARIANA-Cold Air Nozzle is connected to compressed air supplies or operated with compressed air (3-8 bars), respectively. Mode of operation is based on the principle of a vortex tube, in which two opposite rotating air flows will be generated. At the blue component output of the internal flow as usable cold air (up to – 25°C) takes place; at the red component output of the hot air (up to 100°C) takes place. The needle valve allows adjustment of volume flow and portion of cold air. Accessories for the Ariana cold air nozzle include the flexible ARIANA-Cool-Line-System and also a magnet plate, ball cock, grommet for quick coupling and also a sound absorber.