Metalworking Fluids, Equipment and Service

Lubriserv is a well established company dedicated to improving metalworking fluids and equipment  processes. With over 100 years of combined staff experience in the lubricants business, Lubriserv has proven to be a world-class supplier of metalworking lubricants, equipment and service for manufacturers.

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Attention Precision Engineers!

Are you looking to unlock the full potential of your machine tools? Look no further  and partner with Lubriserv, you will achieve significant productivity gains with our high performance metalworking fluids and equipment, our extensive range of supporting equipment and our own Lubritrend – coolant management software.

Our solutions go beyond just metal working fluids and coolant management. We also offer a large supporting range of swarf processing and oil mist extraction equipment to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. At Lubriserv, we have everything you need to improve your current machining situation, saving you time and money in the process.

Our fluid management products and systems are designed to support your environmental goals and waste coolant disposal needs. As your partner for advanced fluid management, we will manage your cutting fluid use, performance, and analytics to deliver increased productivity. This will leave you free to concentrate on running your business more profitably.

Invest in your machine tools and productivity today with Lubriserv.  Contact us now to learn more.

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A comprehensive range of lubricants for industrial applications including metalworking fluids, forming, EDM, heat treatment, lubrication, cleaning and corrosion prevention.


Extensive range of supporting equipment including swarf briquetters, centrifuges, crushers, tramp oil separators, swarf and oil vacuums, mobile filters, oil mist filters.

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Live Coolant management made easy with app based monitoring of your metalworking coolants including concentration, pH, tramp oil levels and bacteria dipslide monitoring.

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We are known for our coolant management services and equipment installation and support. From machine cleaning services, coolant monitoring/control to oil mist unit installations.

Swarf Compactors

Swarf Compactors for metal swarf can provide additional revenue from briquettes against loose swarf. Low residual moisture content and reduced freight costs – volume can be reduced to as little as 1/10. Coolants and cutting oils can be recovered whilst storage and disposal cost can be significantly reduced.


Effectively capture and filter coolant or oil mist / smoke to avoid inhalation of hazardous residue present in a foggy haze across the plant. Oily residues on surfaces, equipment and electrical panels can be reduced with suitable extraction thus cost savings can be achieved by the avoidance of equipment malfunction.

Lubri trend

Coolant Management App

Designed to help engineering companies monitor and control their soluble metalworking coolants. Simple and quick to use it records coolant parameters and can also log water hardness, tramp oil levels, dip slide results for bacteria/moulds and even air filtration status.