World class supplier of metalworking lubricants, equipment and service for manufacturers.

High Performance metalworking fluids

A comprehensive range of lubricants for industrial applications including machining coolants, forming, EDM, heat treatment, lubrication, cleaning and corrosion prevention.

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Metalworking maintenance equipment

We offer a comprehensive range of equipment from tramp oil skimmers, coolant centrifuges and mist filtration through to fully automatic swarf processing systems to handle swarf crushing, spinning and briquetting.

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On-site cleaning & coolant services

Lubriserv offer a wide variety of onsite services utilising our regional Service Engineers who carry machine cleaning equipment, powerful industrial vacuums, filtration equipment and tramp oil removal units.

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Are you HSE compliant?

Effectively capture and filter coolant, oil mist and smoke to avoid inhalation of hazardous residue present in a foggy haze across the plant.

Lubriservs’ filtration units are not the same as many competitors and require NO COSTLY SERVICING !

  • Patented conical filter technology. 
  • Large selection of capacities.
  • Requires far less maintenance or filter replacements than existing technology.
  • Price competitive.
  • Monitored with a built in LED pressure gauge. 
  • Filtration Module: HEPA removal efficiency eliminates dry smoke, typical of certain applications where straight oil is utilized. 

Have you downloaded our LUBRISERV app?

Designed to help engineering companies monitor and control their soluble metalworking coolants.

Simple and quick to use it records coolant parameters and can also log water hardness, tramp oil levels, dip slide results for bacteria/moulds and even air filtration status.

Reports can be displayed graphically and also filtered to show out of parameter systems, machine averages and total machine shop trends

Need help with your coolants ? see what Lubriserv can do for you

It’s a messy job but YOU don’t have to do it!

Nobody likes cleaning out CNC machines !. 

Try our Machine cleaning services – Our Service Engineers are equipped with powerful swarf/oil vacuums, low pressure vapour cleaning units and most of all a lot of experience.

We also provide a coolant and oil cleaning service using our high speed centrifuges we can remove tramp oil and particles down to 1 micron or with neat oils like hydraulics, heat treatment we can remove water contamination and micron particles.

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Lubriserv have a comprehensive range of high performing metalworking fluids, supporting equipment and services.

Including tramp oil skimmers and separators, mobile fluid centrifuges, swarf/oil vacuums, mixers, automatic coolant top up systems, swarf briquetters, swarf spinners and air filtration systems.

Our service capability is well known in the metalworking industry with our Service Engineers covering throughout the UK