Metalworking Fluids

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Industrial Cleaning Fluids

Manufacturing industries producing increasingly complex metal components require increasing levels of consistent cleanliness, the performance requirements of industrial cleaners grows accordingly. Failure to clean manufactured components to a suitable cleanliness level during and at the end of the manufacturing process can result in extremely costly rework.

Lubriserv fully understands the importance of this process of industrial cleaning and has continued to develop a high performance range of industrial cleaning products that compliment and work with our other metalworking product ranges.

ULTRAKLEAN products are designed to replace chlorinated or petroleum based solvents normally used. We offer water based and solvent type degreaser, cleaners for all types of wash systems.

The low surface tension of our solvent range allows penetration of the narrowest grooves / incisions removing any impurities. The specialized chemistry of ULTRAKLEAN guarantees compatibility with paints, fabrics and the most plastics, it can be used at room temperature or heated up to 60°C. Without the need to purchase new expensive technical equipment it can be dispensed by brush, cloth, spraying or dipping.


is so highly effective that further processes are not necessary. ULTRAKLEAN products are degreaser / pickling agents developed for a variety of materials and products e.g. Stainless steels, annealed titanium tubes or titanium workpieces. The range includes phosphoric acid free, nitric acid free, hydrofluoric and sulphuric acid compounds which develop an excellent solubilizing action towards light oxidations which result in extremely bright surfaces. ULTRAKLEAN E does not contain any harmful substances for personnel or the environment. Therefore, the workplace is safe and waste streams coming from the pickling operation are free of fluorides and sulphates.


is a salt free, water-soluble neutral cleaner, providing temporary corrosion protection. ULTRAKLEAN SF-NC has excellent demulsifying properties and is suitable for cleaning operations on cast iron and steel in mechanical production and heat treatment processes. It can also be used on yellow metals and aluminium, but spot testing is recommended first to check for sensitivity of the metal.