Oil And Swarf Vacuums

Lubriserv offer a wide range of state of the art industrial swarf vacuums and or oil/coolant vacuums specifically designed to meet the needs of the CNC machining companies. Our mission is to provide the best industrial swarf vacuum solutions to exceed the most stringent quality standards in the industry.

Lubriserv research & development,  innovative approach and the passion for our swarf and oil vacuum cleaners have led the company to develop a wide and specific range of products for the engineering sector, with no equal on the market. We are that confident with the quality that we give an industry leading 2 year warranty!

Powerful vacuum performance removes industrial swarf, fines, oil and coolant, with models to filter oil/coolant down to 10 microns*. Outlet pumps on some models allow for disposal or machine wash down with swarf and fines contained in a separate basket


  • Coolant/oils can be recycled
  • Improve quality of work
  • Keep machines clean
  • Cleanout a machine in minutes not hours
  • Can be used whilst machine is in operation.
  • Versatile for cleaning floors etc
  • Clean fines/particles from bottom of sump


Powerful industrial vacuum for liquids recovery and filtration. Capability to vacuum and pump out liquids simultaneously with the powerful submerged pump (100 lt/min). Stainless steel construction with optional pump and filter for quick discharge of the liquids.


3 powerful single-phase motors power this industrial vacuum for liquids and swarf. An integrated sieve grid basket for solid / liquid separation is complemented by a detachable steel container for easy disposal.


Mobile, compact and powerful, the LUBRIVAC 150 is the ideal machine to suck up liquid (oil or coolant) mixed with metal chips, separate the oil from the chips and recover the oil. The swarf and fines are contained and the fluid can be pumped out via the separate outlet pump either in batches or continuously.


200lt. capacity swarf and oil vacuum with discharge system with flux inversion system for liquid discharge (100L/min).


400lt. capacity swarf and oil vacuum with discharge system with flux inversion system for liquid discharge (100L/min). Integrated hopper with sieve grid to separate and dispose swarf chips.