Metalworking Fluids

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Metal Forming Products

Lubriserv has developed a range of ultra high performance products covering, extrusion, stamping, cold heading, drawing, fin pressing, fin rolling, tube expansion, wire/rod drawing, tube forming.

The range of LUBRIFORM products for plastic cold forming of metals, includes a series of fluids specifically formulated with advanced technologies sensitive to the environmental needs and waste regulations. Almost all products are therefore “Chlorine-free” and “Eco-compatible”.

Lubriserv has developed a new range of cold extrusion fluids which have been designed to improve working conditions in the plant, to rationalize the various products usually required for operation processes, and offer extremely high performance. The new LUBRIFORM CF range combines high performance under the most severe mechanical stress with careful attention to impact on the environment and on the health of workers.

The series includes chlorine and sulphur free multipurpose products, which can be used as both lubricant/coolant fluid and as a sideway/guide lubricant. LUBRIFORM is produced from special raw materials and is ideal for the difficult processes of stamping and direct or inverse cold extrusion such as the production of gudgeon-pins, spark plug shells, ball pins, tube fittings, valve guides, hydraulic connections, “Anuba” hinges, tubular and semi-tubular rivets, of high carbon steel and stainless steel.

It uses a specialized compound to convert and deposit a solid thin strong film on the surface of metals benefiting tool life, die life, elimination of seizing, less down time and easy cleaning.

The LUBRIFORM EF series are universal compounds suitable for cold stamping, heading and extruding of mild steel, medium and high carbon steels, for the production of special fasteners for the automotive industry, flange bolts, wood screws, socket screws. It allows high performances on hexagonal Allen head bolts/screws production by horizontal presses as NATIONAL, SCHULER, WATERBURY FARREL, SACMA, SALVI, SAKAMURA, ASAHI SUNAC, JERN YAO and JPB etc.


Lubriservs range of vanishing fluids is unrivalled in performance for example in fin forming or drawing (aluminium, copper, brass, stainless steel or titanium) and magnetic sheet pressing it removes the need for cleaning prior to the next operation of brazing or welding as it dissociates without smokes, flames and residue. During the brazing phase it doesn’t form aldehydes. Other benefits include increased die and punch life, seizing up elimination, less down time, clean fin or worked sheets eliminating washing operations.

The benefit of using Vanishing Lubricants is that they disappear after the forming/pressing operation. These compounds leave a light coating of lubricant on the part during pressing and then evaporate shortly afterwards. In most cases these vanishing lubricants can completely eliminate the need for cleaning operations. Our vanishing oils do not turn tacky, have mild or no odour and are designed to always remain fluid. Vanishing lubricants can be used both on ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Low viscosity vanishing lubricants are ideal for Light duty stamping, pressing and blanking on ferrous and nonferrous metals. Products are non staining and formulated to leave minimal film on components so that any post assembly operations such as welding or brazing can be carried out without inter-operational washing or excessive smoke and fumes.

Latest synthetic vanishing technology is designed for thermal degreasing at low temperature leaving no residue on components after processing. Products are also completely odourless for operator acceptance.


  • Increased die/punch life.
  • Eliminates seizing.
  • Less downtime.
  • Clean fins/sheet without washing
  • Clean dies