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Machine and Coolant Cleaning Service

Machines are left clean with swarf and fines removed, the coolant free of tramp oil and suspended particles down to 1 micron. Try our coolant clean only service to recycle your costly coolant and prolong its life, improve performance whilst keeping health and safety issues to a minimum.

  • Lubriserv Engineer/s visit to provide coolant / machine cleaning service
  • PH Cleantec SRK1000 – Deep machine clean with low pressure vapour cleaning system
  • Tecnoil 150MP Vacuum system – used to remove swarf chips, sludge and filter fines to 300/100 micron (300L per minute capability).
  • Cool-clean unit – used to remove tramp oil and also filter fine particles from coolant.
  • High speed mobile disc centrifuge – to remove tramp oil and particles down to 1 micron