About Lubriserv

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Over 100 years combined staff experience

Lubriserv is a well established company dedicated to improving metalworking processes. With over 100 years of combined staff experience in the lubricants business, Lubriserv has proven to be a world-class supplier of metalworking lubricants, equipment and service for manufacturers.

Providing ground-breaking solutions by using the latest technology and expertise, our goal is to ensure that clients have the best quality metalworking fluids and equipment plus committed, continuous service.

Throughout the years Lubriserv has been developing cost-efficient and cutting-edge technology to stay ahead in the industry.

Our focus on modern solutions is the reason why Lubriserv is proud to be working on new innovative projects with the PRODUCTION ENGINEERING RESEARCH ASSOCIATION – PERA and backed by the EUROPEAN COMMISSION. Read our Latest News and Updates for more details on our ongoing achievements.


Our wide array of services has satisfied thousands of clients. Need proof? We are the sole UK Distributor of QUALICHEM metalworking fluids which are the most technically advanced products available with full Boeing aerospace approvals , Lubrivac industrial vacuums and Filtration Units, and the only authorised distributor for Alfa Laval mobile centrifuges. With our soaring approval ratings and partnerships with several companies such as Rolls Royce, Honeywell, Toyota, Magellan, Red Bull and many more, Lubriserv is perfect for your metalworking process and manufacturing needs.


We don’t just react to a project or problem —we’re here to make sure you get the optimum solution and benefits for your company. At Lubriserv we don’t just supply a product. With the advantage of a comprehensive range of equipment, lubricants and services, we first observe your complete manufacturing process before we proceed to recommend and supply you with the best manufacturing process solution. This approach guarantees optimal manufacturing performance, fluid consumption, waste generation, and direct solutions to manufacturing problems—ultimately enhancing your working environment. More importantly, our products and equipment comply with international health, safety, and environmental regulations. We’ve got it all covered, so just tell us what you need!

Need our expert advice? Tell us about your metalworking issues so we can help you find the right solution…

You can also visit Lubriserv’s official Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin accounts for our Latest Updates and Services!

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Coolant Management App

Designed to help engineering companies monitor and control their soluble metalworking coolants. Simple and quick to use it records coolant parameters and can also log water hardness, tramp oil levels, dip slide results for bacteria/moulds and even air filtration status.