Metalworking Fluids

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Spark Erosion Edm Fluids

LUBRICUT SX is a high performance, ultra high purity synthetic EDM fluid that has been specifically developed for modern EDM Machining requiring shorter cycle times, precision tolerances, better filtration and long service life.

t is formulated with ultra high purity synthetic hydrocarbons to give a completely odourless fluid giving excellent resistance to thermal degradation and improved operator acceptability.


Di-electric fluid in electrical discharge machining operations Electrical discharge machining in the tool and die industry Fine boring of aerofoil honeycombs in nickel alloys. E.g. Inconel 718 Medical, computer and aerospace industries Individual machines or centralised systems


Extended fluid Life Extends burn times Very low evaporation rate – reduced fumes Efficient flushing of spark debris – minimises micro soldering High flash point reduces potential fire hazard Quick settlement of particles in the filter Extremely low odour levels Highly resistant to oxidation for a very long service life Protects electrodes against wear Completely clear – for optimum view of work piece No potential interference or staining from coloured dyes High surface finish due to high di-electric strength

LUBRICUT SX is rubber compatible and friendly for pipes, seals and gaskets. It is a high purity synthetic fluid specifically formulated for use both in roughing and finishing operations on modern medium-to-high power machines of most leading manufacturers (AEG, AGIE, CDM, CORMAC, CHARMILLES, DECKEL, EROTECH, EUROSPARK, HURCO, JOEMARS, ONA, SODICK etc). LUBRICUT SXis a truly superior synthetic EDM fluid. If you want a produsct with high performance, a very long life and continuous predictability of machining times this is the fluid for you.