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Mixing and Distribution

Mixing of metalworking coolants doesn’t need to be a messy, time consuming operation. We have a range of solutions from simple venturi mixers for 20L pails and barrels to digital controlled automatic pumped mixing systems capable of pumping to over 100 machines. Coolant can be dispensed locally through the dispensing gun or a coolant distribution pipework, sensing demand from anywhere in the line and automatically operating through retractable hose reels positioned on walls,stanchions or piped directly to machine sumps with level sensors built in.


The FullShop system from 168 Manufacturing delivers properly mixed coolant concentrations on a per-machine basis thanks to its advanced controls and modular distribution system. FullShop™ modularity allows a single coolant system to handle 15 to 120 CNC machines with the addition of extra distribution manifolds.


By automatically delivering top-off coolant to your machine tools, the FullShop system unlocks a range of benefits:

Increase your profitability. The FullShop system drives business profitability by helping you better utilize your capital.

Maximize worker value. In this tight labor market, your skilled CNC machinists can focus on their craft without serving on the usual bucket brigade. Data shows that the first hour of every machine shop shift is not as productive as workers rush to fill machines with coolant.

Improve your throughput. The FullShop system eliminates low-coolant faults when machines operate unattended over nights and weekends. As a result, your spindles keep spinning.

Ready for Industry 4.0. The FullShop system integrates advanced, Internet-enabled features to help you optimize your profits—including data reporting, remote operations and teleservice. We also built in email notifications, data reporting and analytics trending.

Get up and running quickly. The FullShop system is a complete, pre-engineered solution with a short learning curve.

Real return on investment. With a robust design intended for years of service, the FullShop system helps you produce year after year.

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Want something simpler ? How about the LUBRIMIX 3000 ?

Each hose can be extended up to 30M giving access to every machine sump. Lubriserv can also offer bespoke mixing units for other water-soluble products such as quenching oils, water glycols, anti-freeze etc.

LUBRIMIX 3000 Operation

Via a water pump, fresh water is pumped through the mixing unit into the emulsion tank. During the mixing process, a pre-set quantity of concentrate is added to the fresh water. When the emulsion tank is full, the floating switch in the emulsion tank will switch off the water pump. The water level in the system separator (backflow preventer) is also controlled by a level switch, which opens the fresh water supply as required. The mixed emulsion is then pumped to the individual CNC machines via the supply pump. When no top up is required – the coolant top up valve/nozzles are shut, a pressure and flow monitor will automatically switch off the supply pump. As the fresh water reduces in the water tank it is refilled automatically by means of the floating switch valve, allowing the machine to be operated continuously.

Watch the tramp oil disappear – no need to stop the machine, just let Cool-clean do its job. Coolants and wash solutions inevitably become contaminated with tramp oil and particulate material during the production process. This contamination provides an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, which quickly degrade the coolant.
German manufactured ARIANA products offer an extensive range of accessories for the metalworking industry. With our internationally proven coolant maintenance stations, you save up to 50% on disposal costs for waste oil emulsions.
Designed to provide a continuous and consistently low minimum level of suspended solids thus extending the working life of the fluid while providing a low maintenance and environmentally effective method of separating and handling the separated solids / sludge.