Lubricut™ Synthetic Cutting Oils

Unrivalled in performance on sliding head CNC machines especially on the more difficult materials e.g. stainless steels, inconel, titanium, nickel alloys. When compared to conventional neat cutting oils these fluids can reduce consumption by 60%, increase tool life up to 6 times, reduce fire risk and fumes and keep the machine tool and components clean.



Highly refined mineral oil with EP additives and chlorine free is developed for general machining operations on medium to high tensile steels. It is a versatile product and ideal to rationalise across the machine shop. Excellent cutting performance on a wide variety of ferrous and non ferrous metals including high alloy steels and yellow metals.



The XP range of cutting fluids areformulated using a blend of highly refined low viscosity mineral oil and advanced synthetic ester technology. This, semi- synthetic combination with over 20% synthetic lubricity ester and specialised EP additives, enables LUBRICUT XP15 to achieve an extremely high cutting performance with high flashpoint and low misting/fuming properties.


Hydro-cracked neat cutting oil

The XQ range of neat cutting oils are water white hydro treated base oils with advanced performance additives and high resistance to oxidation which causes oils to become darkened and sometimes leave tacky residues on the machine slideways and surfaces. This range of oils has good resistance to fire hazard due to their high flashpoints. Ideal for sliding head machines.


Fully synthetic extreme performance cutting fluids

Fully synthetic extreme performance cutting fluids This EXTREME performance range of cutting fluids are formulated using advanced synthetic ester technology instead of conventional mineral oil. This technology achieves EXTREME high cutting performance (we have seen 600% increase in tool life !), ideal for use in Sliding Head Lathes like Star, Citizen, and Tornos sliding head machines.

The LUBRICUT XS range is clean, clear and designed to improve the working environment by reducing oil mist formation, keeping machines, screens and components clean and with its high flashpoint and self extinguishing properties it significantly reduces any fire risk. It doesn’t stop there either – as LUBRICUT™ XS9 is a much lower viscosity than most neat cutting oils the dragout consumption on your swarf can be up to 60% lower.

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You will never machine with mineral oil again !
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Extreme Performance Synthetic Cutting Fluid

Modern CNC machines are designed for high speed operation, improved surface finish and lights out running but conventional neat cutting oils may not provide the performance required to realise these benefits, causing various problems such as: overheating, poor tool life, smoke / fumes, sticky residues and even fires !

LUBRICUT XS9 offers extremely high machining performance. Mineral oil, heavy metal and chlorine free, the low viscosity synthetic fluid contains a specially developed ultimate-generation EP additive. It is based on high quality synthetic ester and due to its affinity for metal surfaces improves the strength of the lubrication film and allows a greater friction reduction.

LUBRICUT XS9 has a very high flashpoint and excellent combustion resistance which significantly reduces the possibility of ignition caused by naked flames or hot/molten metal. Its low viscosity keeps your machines cleaner with less dragout on the swarf and a much lower consumption.

LUBRICUT XS9 has been especially designed in order to satisfy all the severe drilling, threading and metal cutting applications of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It provides excellent cutting performance on difficult to machine metals i.e. stainless steels, titanium, nickel alloys etc.