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Lubrispin FC Range Fluid Centrifuges

Designed to provide a continuous and consistently low minimum level of suspended solids thus extending the working life of the fluid while providing a low maintenance and environmentally effective method of separating and handling the separated solids / sludge.

Available in both single and double bowl configuration, the LUBRISPIN Fluid Centrifuge is suited for a wide range of applications, large and small.

If the coolant or oil is clean, tool life is extended too, and the surface finish of the product is improved. The LUBRISPIN fluid centrifuge can also be used for clarification of wash fluids, rinse waters and grinding fluids.


  • Clarification of metalworking fluids and cleaning fluids
  • Bowl holds approx. 4 Litres or 9-23Kg of solids
  • Handles a wide range of coolants/oils
  • No filter media to dispose of
  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Very reliable
  • Fast processing of coolant from10L/min up to 50L/min


  • Cleaning of cutting fluids from chip spinning processes
  • Cleaning of cutting fluids present inside the machine tool tanks
  • Other applications include grinding fluids, wash systems, forming oil, rinse waters.


An open topped rotor is driven at high speed. Into this is fitted a long-life removable flexible rotor liner, shaped to the inner contour of the rotor. The rotor liner is secured to the rotor by a removable vane assembly, consisting of a ring and four vertical vanes. Dirty fluid enters the fluid centrifuge at the top of the rotor assembly and is guided via an inverted centre cone towards the base of the bowl. Centrifugal force acts upon the fluid, forcing the denser particles (solids, metal particles, dirt etc) against the wall of the rotor liner. This force forms a dense ‘cake’ which adheres to the wall. The clarified fluid/coolant overflows through the hole in the top of the vane assembly and is then returned clean. Our LUBRISPIN Twin Bowl Centrifuge is identical in principal to our Single Centrifuge, but just has double the throughput. The Twin bowl Centrifuge is particularly well suited to machining operations where a cutting oil is used as a coolant and where a fine finish to close tolerances is required.

Watch the tramp oil disappear – no need to stop the machine, just let Cool-clean do its job. Coolants and wash solutions inevitably become contaminated with tramp oil and particulate material during the production process. This contamination provides an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, which quickly degrade the coolant.
German manufactured ARIANA products offer an extensive range of accessories for the metalworking industry. With our internationally proven coolant maintenance stations, you save up to 50% on disposal costs for waste oil emulsions.
Mixing of metalworking coolants doesn’t need to be a messy, time consuming operation. We have a range of solutions from simple venturi mixers for 20L pails and barrels to digital controlled automatic pumped mixing systems capable of pumping to 30M head and 400M pipe distances.