Manual Swarf Centrifuges

Ideal for applications involving a mix of different swarf types or low volumes. They can recover oil or coolant and reduce moisture/liquid content down to just 1-2%. Available in 25Kg, 50Kg and 100Kg capacities.

When you consider that the weight of your swarf can be up to 25% oil, it is definitely worth considering the small investment in a centrifuge as the payback is usually very quick.

In a typical machine shop using neat cutting oil our centrifuges can reduce oil usage by 80%.

Our manual centrifuges can handle stringy or chipped swarf oil recovery from various applications, including CNC machining swarf, gear manufacturing, fastener manufacturing, spring manufacturing, gun drilling, sliding head machining, plated components etc

Our manual swarf centrifuges works on principle of centrifugal separation. The rotor bowl is made from a perforated steel screen which is driven by a motor. Oil covered swarf chips / parts are loaded in the rotor bowl. Centrifugal force created in the rotor separates oil from the surface of the swarf chips / parts.

The recovered oil is drained out through an outlet pipe into a tank/container ready for re use.

Our LUBRISPIN range of Manual swarf spinners are constructed for long lasting continuous operating. The machine housings are of a robust design with high quality steel. The Centrifuge is powered directly by a central positioned heavy-duty motor. The units have an interlocked cover to to prevent opening the lid during processing, timers for adjusting the cycles, emergency stop switch, signal lamp lights, and removable 3mm perforated baskets.

The centrifuges are suitable for de-oiling of metal chips and parts. Drying efficiency of up to 1% is possible. Other applications: drying, rinsing, degreasing, washing, coating.


  • Basket Volume: 25, 50, 100 Kg
  • Time cycle: 3 mins
  • Standard speed: 700 RPM
  • Electrical: 400V/50Hz
  • Certification: CE approved


  • Removable galvanized basket
  • Solid cast-iron base plateSelf-braking motor
  • Automatic electric system (complete with: stop / start control, emergency stop, interlocked, timer, thermal relays and warning lights)
  • Boxed electric-system with protection to IP 44
  • Meets the latest EU legislation and regulations


  • Pneumatic lid operation
  • Forced air heating
  • Speed control
  • Jib crane and hoist
  • Extra baskets
  • Wheeled basket carts